VirtuReel Productions started with the simple idea of saving a moment in time so you could relive it whenever you wanted. In 2016 we started offering video production services for weddings and live events in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and have helped celebrate and preserve the memories of over 200 weddings and events since!

Today more than ever, the ability to document milestone memories in high quality is a possibility at our fingertips. We understand that some experiences happen way too fast, and if you could just stay a little longer in the moment, you would.

Our team at VirtuReel is dedicated to helping keep these memories so you can revisit them whenever you would like. 

your Wedding media team and beyond!

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Gaby Pineda Photography

Gaby Pineda Photography





We currently live in Denison, Texas with our army of pups (Uno, Chips, and Salsa). The area and community are growing fast and we enjoy the beauty and freedom that the county gives us. We have gotten to know so many small business owners in the area and enjoy working with local entrepreneurs.  When we aren't editing, we like to garden and attempt DIY projects (or find any excuse to be outdoors). 

based in texoma

Becky Burleson Photography

We were married under a smoky waterfall in September 2021 and it was quite the journey. We invited our closest friends and family to a secret spot we found in Oregon, packed our car and set out from Texas and stopped at as many places as we could between. We had our "first look" at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and our Honeymoon at a cliffside cabin on the Pacific Coast. We finally got to experience the wedding day jitters that many of our clients have felt before! 

we are newly married!

The Burrow: Wedding and Portrait Photography

When I first met Rachael I was impressed with how many places she had been in the world. Then she planned our first trip and swept me off my feet. Together we saw some truly wonderous places and I learned the thrill of being lost in new cities and discovering what life was like around the world. We love checking places and experiences off our bucket list and look forward to any adventure that presents itself. 

live to travel

Miranda Longoria Photography

Have you ever been so head over heels in love with a movie, series, or documentary? We love that feeling so we are constantly looking for our next obsession. There is always a video playing in our home and we immerse ourselves in the cinematography of what we watch. We hear sound design and effects when a scene is playing out and try to learn how to find truth in what we shoot by watching documentaries. We are obsessed with seeing and hearing stories, so we can get better and telling our own, and yours. 

the screen is life

Becky Burleson Photography