In 2016 we started offering video production services for weddings and live events in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and have helped celebrate and preserve the memories of over 300 weddings and events since.

VirtuReel Productions started with the simple idea of saving a moment in time so you could relive it whenever you wanted. Our hobby of making travel videos somehow morphed into a video production company and the rest is history!  

Michael & Rachael


Whether we are shooting from our drone in the clouds or down in the bridal suite filming the fine details of your gown, we have the creativity and the experience to record all of the moments you might have missed and the ones you will never want to forget!

Have you ever been so head over heels in love with a movie, series, or documentary?

We literally live for feeling, so we are constantly looking for our next obsession. There is always a film, series, documentary or tv show playing in our home and we immerse ourselves in the cinematography of what we watch. We hear sound design and effects when a scene is playing, we are constantly discussing what we watch, and ultimately try to learn how to find truth in merging what we love into our craft. 

"Our first date was at the movies and as cliche as that sounds... it had a significant effect."

We absolutely love to get lost Together. we have adventured some truly MESMERIZING places, having learned the thrill of being invisible in new cities and discovering what life is like around the world. We love checking places and experiences off our bucket list and look forward to any adventure that presents itself. We are always looking for an excuse to film in new places so no matter where your vision takes us, we want to join along!

"I wish I had done everything on Earth with you." 

- F. Scott Fitzgerald



About Us...

Michael began his film career in high school shooting short comedies with his friends. His love for cinema took him to los angeles where he worked in television production. after coming back home, he completed his degree in creative writing at UNT and continued to grow as a video director  by producing short films and co-creating virtureel productions. michael is an faa certified drone pilot and enjoys learning how new and upcoming techonolgy is changing the way video creators tell stories.

Rachael has a creative eye and knows how to manage a project. She successfully obtained her degree in Global Business, specializing in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2018 from UTD. When she met Michael, she knew that a promising business venture was brewing. After watching Michael film and edit, she learned from the ground up how to operate a camera and has been a lead videographer and editor ever since. Rachael holds several certifications in digital marketing and enjoys building social media and advertising campaigns for other entrepreneurs. 

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