Our team at VirtuReel is dedicated to helping keep these memories so you can revisit them whenever you would like.

Most of these memories come to fruition through careful decision making and countless hours of planning and praying that everything goes even better than expected. These defining moments that we pour so much effort into, are what prove to be the cornerstones of our life's story. When you have a videographer, you transform these detailed memories into films and have a family heirloom that will be treasured throughout generations.

From the proposal to your wedding day... and all of the momentous occasions that follow, we want to be there to document it all.   

There are many landmark occasions that go into establishing your legacy.  

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Our first date was at the movies and as clich√© as that sounds, it had a significant effect. We still find ourselves getting lost in cinema together and chasing that movie magic. The way a film makes you feel and the everlasting impact it leaves is ultimately our inspiration when telling your stories. 

We didn't know what we wanted to do in life until we met each other. VirtuReel was started by two entrepreneurs with separate skills, knowledge and backgrounds. After many years of working side by side and learning from one another, we found that there is no better partner in life and business than your best friend. 

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Rachael & Michael 


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the marsceau wedding at the grand ivory

the TYTON's hill country wedding at Remi's ridge 

the macias wedding at the French Farmhouse

"With all of the hard work that we put into planning our wedding, being able to see it come to life on film is so meaningful."

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Today more than ever, the ability to document milestone memories in high quality is a possibility at our fingertips. We understand that some experiences happen way too fast, and if you could just stay a little longer in the moment, you would.

Meant to withstand the test of time.


"Rachael and Michael knocked it out of the park for us! We have previously used them as a videographer for our wedding but this time around we were looking at them as a vendor rental for a photo booth. To begin, the backdrop looked amazing!!! The props they had were so fun. They even went above and beyond and made us a photo album with a second print of every photo taken! We could not be happier with them and we cannot wait to use them again!"