We didn't know what we wanted to do in life until we met each other. VirtuReel was started by two entrepreneurs with separate skills and backgrounds but after many years of working side by side and learning from one another, we found that there is no better partner in life and business than your best friend.

Our films are memories. Each scene is meaningfully woven together to create a film that allows you to live that moment again. We take a natural and laid back approach to the production process and fade into the background in order to capture the most candid scenes. 

Save your memories forever with VirtuReel Weddings!

"If you’re searching for videographers, STOP and hire these guys! Micheal and Racheal are so amazing at what they do. They not only captured what we wanted..but went above and beyond to record things they knew we’d appreciate and cherish. They’re incredibly talented and just all around great people to work with. If you hire them, you won’t be disappointed. Hands down..they’re the best!" -Mrs. & Mrs. Torres 

"There’s so many wonderful things to say about Michael and Rachael. They made our day so special. They are extremely calm, professional and FUN! They know what they are doing without hesitation. Picture and video is the only thing we’ll have from our wedding day 50 years from now, I can’t wait to watch our video every anniversary or when we need a reminder. They showcased our love and special day in a beautiful way." - MR. & Mrs. Bennett

"Wedding day's go by in a blink, I am so grateful Micheal and Rachael were there capturing every moment. Its unreal the amount of amazing footage two people were able to get. They manage being everywhere at once, without ever feeling invasive. They added such a personal touch to the whole process and really captured my husbands and I's personalities. They wove all of they events together so perfectly, its almost like video love letter. We now have a real life time-capsule that captured the day exactly how we remembered it." - Mr. & Mrs. Widick